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Creating Strong Recognizable Brands

I help high-achieving female coaches, consultants, speakers, and authors elevate their branding to attract the high-value clients and opportunities they deserve to they can reach and exceed their branding and revenue goals.

If your branding (logo designs, color palettes, social media graphics, marketing, and promo materials) isn’t connecting with your ideal clients or your brand messaging sounds like everybody else in your industry, it’s time for some clarity.

The way your business is portrayed out here in these online streets sets the tone.

Nothing makes a potential client scroll past your posts or click off your website faster than outdated brand design and confused messaging.

Lost confidence. Lost sales. Lost client relationships.

Your business isn’t a side hustle. It’s your passion, your livelihood, your main source of revenue. It’s time to take it more seriously and run your business like a business. Yes, your business is your baby, but your baby needs to grow up!

Stop The D.I.Y Madness


I`ll Save You From D.I.Y Madness

I`m Your Solution

I’m Kreda McCullough! Coaches, Consultants and Professional Service Providers hire me to transform their brands by helping them create a stronger, more recognizable brand! My Brand Edge approach to Brand Strategy and Design will not only help you attract more of your ideal clients, but also grow and scale your business by being your true real self. Over the past 6 years, I’ve been creating and transforming brands by teaching my clients to apply their unique Brand Archetype to their brand strategy and design.


Build a strong recognizable brand that connects with your perfect clients – the clients who value your offers. And the design to help you stand out in your oversaturated market.

Brand Traction Consulting Services

Crack the 6-figure code and create demand for your brand with monthly brand traction consulting.

VIP Brand In A Day

A full-day, 6-8 hour intensive for us to strategize, identify and create your strong, recognizable brand.


Consistent design services on a monthly basis. Perfect for business owners who need high-quality designs for their brand every month.

Brand With Expression Archetype Courses

Learn everything about your unique Brand Archetype, show up with more confidence in your brand and gain a competitive advantage.

Unstoppable Brand Strategy Course

Defining your brand doesn’t have to be hard. You can decide what your future looks like. Learn to build a strong, recognizable brand that represents you and your personality, attract the right clients and learn to stand out and communicate your brand.

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