Brand Traction Consulting

Crack the 6-figure Code and create demand for your brand with Monthly Brand Traction Consulting

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You’re in the right place!

I’ve created Consulting Service Packages to help you scale up your brand. This includes everything from creating magnetic content to generating sales while you sleep all while giving you back the time to work your business!

Not to mention enjoy your life!

Your business isn’t worth the stress if it’s only a glorified job with entry-level pay – get out of here with that mess. You have the brand; It’s time for your brand to grow up!



Brand Traction Consulting

Branding is an ongoing process. Unlike the myth that a Brand is created just once with logos, colors and social media designs, brands need ideas, engagement, content and life. It’s not a one and done situation.

Having worked with numerous startups and business, I realize that your business needs Branding for continued growth. My Brand Traction Consulting packages include marketing and brand support that’s customized based on the need of your business.

What`s included in

Brand Consulting?

Every package includes a monthly one-on-one. Whether you need help with your overall brand strategy, implementing your social media strategy, create content consistently, we meet every month to plan out each month’s goals and objectives.

I’ve designed this experience for a specific entrepreneur

The Next Level

I also know that you’re ready to step into the next phase of your business…the next level.

The one where you start to use all of the things you’ve learned and you become the leader you know you’re meant to be.

I’d like make things easier with you.



Brand Consulting Terms

After your 3 months are up, I will make sure my services are fitting your business needs.

You will be invoiced monthly via Stripe on the first of each month

*If you would like to move forward after the 3 months, we can move to 6 months or 12 months.

It all starts with a conversation.

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You Have Two Choices

You can continue what you’re doing all by yourself. It can be done. I’ve done it. It’s hard, but it’s possible. You’ll probably spend hours going through free content and even more time and money hiring coaches or marketing “experts” getting zero return on your investment.


You could let me help you. Skip hours of frustration, sweat and tears and get my expertise and support.

Keep In Mind

I make every effort to accurately represent all the and services I sell and their potential for income. As with any business, your results may vary, and will be based on your individual capacity, business experience, expertise, and level of desire. There are no guarantees concerning the level of success you may experience. Each person’s success depends on her background, dedication, desire and motivation.

Is Your Brand Credible?

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