The Girl/Guy Next Door

Common Sense, Acceptance, Community, Belonging, Integrity

Understand The Girl/Guy Next Door

With the girl/guy next door, everyone is treated equally. They’re focused on building a community and value things other than just a profit. However, it’s probably the most challenging archetype to pull off because you have to have a product or service that actually appeals across several demographics.


The Girl/Guy Next Door wants to connect with others, belong, and promote equality.


To offer comfortable places where everyone belongs and feel welcomed.


You’re just like me and I’m just like you.


Common Sense, Acceptance, Community, Belonging, Integrity


Exclusion, Standing Out, Isolation, Hostility, Dissociation

Famous Girl/Guy Next Door Brands

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Brand Voice

The Girl/Guy Next Door brand is sending friendly, honest, and humble message. Their stories are very relatable and they are showing the normal parts of life as we know it. They act as a peer/friend, not as a leader and they tell us that we are all equal.

Clients Feel

The Girl/Guy Next Door makes their customers feel understood, included and a part of the group.

The Copy

Words that help the Girl/Guy Next Door get to their ideal clients


The Design

The Girl/Guy Next Door’s design themes may include blues and browns as well as natural textures like wood or craft paper.

“Learn to do common things uncommonly well”

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